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Issue 54
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aba_intro.jpgThe ABA Journal website provides current legal news on a range of topics including the business of law, careers, law in popular culture, legal ethics, legal technology, litigation, Supreme Court and work/life balance. It also features a comprehensive directory of law blogs. Thank you to Peter Roney S.C. for forwarding to us the link to this interesting source.

The ABA Journal website can be accessed at http://www.abajournal.com/

A selection of recent items are listed below and members are invited to explore the vast array of articles that are continually posted.

Court Technology and Trial Presentation

“Posts cover legal technology trends, iPad apps for lawyers, legal software and product reviews, high-profile trials, trial presentation and demonstrative graphics.”

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Civil Negotiation and Mediation

"Putting the 'civil' back into civil litigation and reflecting on how civility is a hallmark of mediation and should be an aspiration of litigation. Tips and strategies on negotiation and mediation from social science, psychology and neuroscience."

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Virtual Law Practice

"Solo practitioner Stephanie Kimbro has operated a virtual law firm out of Wilmington, N.C., for five years. She uses her experience to write about the ethics, technology and practical aspects involved in virtual lawyering. Her Twitter stream is a great place to look for any stories written about virtual law practice."

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Legal Writing Prof Blog

"Posts are devoted to legal writing news, issues, war stories and continuing education opportunities."

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Civil Justice

"We provide news and commentary daily on the civil justice system in the U.S., focusing mainly on mass torts, employment discrimination, and injury law. The blog also covers related news in the pharmaceutical and medical industries and developments at the U.S. Supreme Court."

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"BlawgIT covers internet legal issues, including patent, copyright and trademark issues."

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