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Issue 54
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CBD FITNESS is the specialist holistic corporate fitness provider for sedentary and time poor executive people within the Brisbane CBD and Metropolitan locations.




The Holistic Difference

  • User friendly systemized exercise/ nutritional programs
  • Nutrition consultations & one-on-one sessions available for fast results
  • Objective focused groups – fat loss/ muscle & strength gains
  • 12 week challenge
  • Two sessions per week

Barcare Bootcamp 2012

The next bootcamp will commence in February 2012. Sessions will be held:-

  • Tuesday 6:30am – 7:30am (Roma Street Parklands)
  • Thursday 6:30am – 7:30am (Roma Street Parklands)

To register your interest contact:

Ph: 0406 600 999
Email: info@cbd-fitness.com.au

Barcare Bootcamp – Testimonials

“I’m not fit at all, but I really enjoy this part of my life. I wanted to create a routine of exercise in my excruciatingly busy week. I had no fitness to start with and no enthusiasm.  Kent Cameron of CBD FITNESS, our trainer is patient, encouraging and inspiring. At first I could hardly move the next day, but I recommend it because you feel defended, strong the day after, able to handle more at work, eat with more awareness, and sleep better.  Just getting out of the grind and on to the ground is very worthwhile, but to have that extra energy is great.”

Jane Oliver, HR Manager, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (Qld).

I enrolled in Barcare Bootcamp ten weeks ago and I have been greatly impressed with both the manner in which the sessions have been conducted and the results that I have obtained.  Going from almost no substantial physical exercise to relatively intense regular workouts was not easy, but it was something that I managed to do without injury or illness.  I have been greatly impressed by the way in which the individual needs of members are handled at each session, without detracting from the general focus on obtaining the best possible results.  I would highly recommend Barcare Bootcamp to anyone who wishes to avoid the pains and penalties caused by the generally sedentary aspects of life at the Bar.

Andrew N. S. Skoien - Barrister at Law [Skoien needs a lot of help - Ed.]

“Bootcamp is great fun.  Kent Cameron (the personal trainer) puts you through your paces with a mixture of cardio and weights, and manages to tailor the sessions for the fitness and strength each participant.  You’re always pushed, but never too far.  Bootcamp is a great way to catch up with your colleagues and get in shape.  It’s also a refreshing way to clear your head and de-stress at the start or end of the day.  Good stuff!”

Steven Hogg – Barrister at Law 

“I am a late bloomer when it comes to exercise and sports.  I have not been allowed to play sports when growing up because I was a bad asthmatic.  I used to just sit on the sideline and watched others play. I was unfit but not overweight.
6 yrs ago I decided to give running a go and loved it, I was never fast but have completed 10-12 k fun runs in a reasonable time over the yrs. I also learnt to cycle 4yrs ago and regularly cycle with 2 other women in the weekends, and have done several long distance rides, which encompassed hills. 
Unfortunately 13 months ago, an MRI scan showed slow degeneration of my right knee joint, which has now severely hampered my ability to run.   
When the Bar Association advertised the exercise program I was skeptical as to what possibly could any trainer do for me. However I signed up for it, and was hoping that I would meet a PT who could help me to run pain free (if that was realistic) and to improve my endurance on hills when riding! I had some reservations when I signed up.  Having tried the program I love it!
Kent is a tremendous PT! He took into account my rehabilitation needs and personalized my training schedule to allow me to maximize my potential.  I am very slowing regaining ability to run with less pain, but the most surprising thing was I have so much more endurance when cycling uphill.  - No more cramps, reduced breathlessness and I am actually enjoying climbing hills! I am definitely sticking to my training with Kent and come September 2011, I will be ready to tackle the hilly holidays in Norway on a bicycle!
One other important factor- the people who make up the group I go to twice a week are really great and fun to work out with.  We have different needs but we are a cohesive group.  Kent tries very hard to tailor to all our needs.  He is very encouraging which in turn makes me want to give my very best even though some days when I attend.”
Elvira Jorgensen, Barrister, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (Qld).

I recently commenced training with Kent Cameron of CBD Fitness – “Barcare Bootcamp”. Kent is diligent and professional with the group sessions I have undertaken with him to date. He structures the sessions in a manner in which sub-groups are formed to match your level of fitness. Being reasonably fit, I like the challenges Kent implements for me. Notwithstanding the group sessions format, Kent also places emphasis on the individual and the progress of each member of the group is paramount to Kent’s training methods. The members of the group I have trained with are professionals with a sociable and friendly disposition who encourage each other during the sessions. The sessions are in effect a mixture between hard work and friendly banter between participants, which I thoroughly enjoy. The early morning sessions have been a great way to start the day and my energy levels and work productivity have improved as a result.
CBD Fitness has contributed considerably to the recent betterment of my life. I am sure that no matter what your level of fitness may be or what objectives you may wish to achieve from your training, that CBD Fitness will be able to assist you. I strongly vouch for CBD Fitness to assist with all your training needs.

John Castanho Former Lawyer. Now writer and Investor.

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