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the_law_report_intro.jpgPresented by Damien Carrick, the Law Report on ABC Radio National focuses on breaking legal stories across Australia and overseas, analysing law reform, legal education, test cases, miscarriages of justice and examining legal culture. The following is a summary of recent programs with a link to audio and transcripts.

HealthCommissioner Beth Wilson retires

11 December 2012

In November 2012 the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) handed down a ruling against a Mr Noel Campbell -- a notorious conman who preys on the terminally ill and peddles all sorts of expensive dodgy treatments and useless gadgets.

One person who is particularly pleased by this decision is Victorian Health Services Commissioner Beth Wilson. At the end of this year, after fifteen years and three terms as commissioner, she's retiring.

A good deal of Beth Wilson's energies have been spent pursuing charlatans like Noel Campbell and lobbying for tougher laws to close them down.


Leveson findings urge tighter press control

4 December 2012

Lord Justice Brian Leveson has released the highly anticipated findings of his year-long inquiry into the ethics and practices of the British press. Citing the 'outrageous' behaviour of newspapers, Lord Justice Leveson has recommended an independent regulatory body with statutory underpinning to oversee the practices of newspapers. In an age of emerging and converging worldwide media how far does media regulation have to reach before it is effective -- and how far is too far?


Family violence victims face "wall of lethal indifference"

27 November 2012

Over the last year, 60 Australian women have died at the hands of family members. As Australians commemorate White Ribbon Day around the country and pledge to take a personal stand against violence in the home, questions remain about whether we're doing enough at a state and federal level to end the deaths, especially those of Indigenous women. Earlier this year the Western Australian Coroner released the findings into the death of Perth woman Andrea Pickett, who was murdered by her husband. The coroner found that when Andrea turned to various organisations for help -- police, Indigenous legal services and domestic violence shelters -- they all failed her.


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