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from_the_ed_intro.jpgWelcome to the July edition of Hearsay. This month we feature an article on “Written Submissions – Perspectives from the Bar, the Bench and Beyond”, a CPD presentation made by the Honourable Richard Chesterman AO RFD QC recently, an article on ensuring procedural fairness in the decision making process by Simon Grant, an article on contractual construction relying upon surrounding circumstances and the “ambiguity gateway” by the Honourable Justice Kenneth Martin, an examination by Chris Tam of the Victorian Court of Appeal’s interpretation of the test applied in Queensland for summary judgment and an article by Brian Morgan on recent advances in digital researching through LexisNexis.

Apart from a variety of other interesting and useful pieces of reading, we have collected a variety of online video regarding the notorious Zimmerman Trial in the United States.

The Editor was recently on a study tour of the United States (subsidised by the profits from Hearsay). The Zimmerman Trial was underway at the time. It was truly extraordinary to watch the media coverage that was going on during the course of the trial. It was not so much the live broadcast on several networks that was astounding, but the nature of the commentary that went on during the trial. Suffice to say that there was none of the circumspection necessarily involved in coverage of trials in Australia. The coverage was certainly highly opinionated and often pejorative. The snapshots in the article appearing herein illustrate the point. It certainly serves to show that the introduction of live broadcasts of trials in this jurisdiction, if it is ever to occur, will need to be mindful of ensuring the proper constraints to be applied (as they are now) to preserve the integrity of the process.

We also feature a link from a blog on Hearsay’s favourite blog site, Tumblr. It shows the benefit of websites with barrister’s photographs on them. This particular blogger has used them to collate a list of the top “hotties” among the male barristers at the Bar in England. It causes us here at Hearsay to wish to rush to ensuring that all barristers get their photographs on the Bar Association website and on their own chambers’ websites. Only then will such a list be able to be compiled for the Queensland Bar, though at the moment we here at Hearsay consider that only Richard Douglas QC would be worthy of inclusion.

We hope you enjoy the reading.

Geoffrey Diehm QC


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