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Issue 70 - Oct 2014
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articles-of-interest-intro.jpgABA JOURNAL

Readers may find the following items published in the American Bar Association Journal of interest.

Lance Armstrong’s Nemesis

This article gives some of the background to the role played by Travis Tygart, the lawyer at the US Anti Doping Agency, who lead the campaign to have Lance Armstrong banned for cheating.

The lawyer who took down Lance Armstrong is on a Mission to End the Culture of Cheating

IBM Watson

The IBM Watson cognitive supercomputer has already made an impact. This article discusses how it might impact legal practice.

10 Predictions About How IBM's Watson will Impact the Legal Profession

For those thinking that it is a far-fetched concept, the Financial Review has reported that Australian customers have already signed up.

Financial Review Article

Legal Writing

The next article shares some tips on legal writing.

Ten Tips for Better Legal Writing


The following articles from The Barrister magazine may be of interest. The Barrister is an independent journal published quarterly in the UK. Whilst it is directed primarily to barristers in the UK, many of the items published will be of interest to readers of Hearsay.

Perfect Your Negotiation, Persuasion and Influencing Skills

New Business Models for the Bar

"QC Mediation"

Marketing the Bar


Given the increasing interest in the use of alternative taxi services, the following articles appearing in CNet may be of interest.

How Risky is Your Uber Ride?

It is interesting to note that there has been some litigation surrounding the very rapid growth of these services, with perhaps more to come.

Temporary Injunction Against Uber In Berlin

Uber Escapes London Court Date


And from the Sunday Times Perth Now:

Uber to Pay Drivers' Fines in WA


When the Art of the Deal Becomes a Crime

Highway Guardrail May be Deadly

Cloud Computing is Forcing a Rethink of Intellectual Property

At Florida State, Football Clouds Justice

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