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Book Review: Creating New Futures, Settling Children and Youth from Refugee Backgrounds Print E-mail

creating-new-futures_intro.jpgEditor: Mary Crock

Publisher: The Federation Press

Reviewed by Alexis N. Gage

“Knowledge is Power!” – Auntie Mame [1]

I was given an opportunity to review Creating New Futures Settling Children and Youth from Refugee Backgrounds.

Overall, I found this book to be a very comprehensive. The book is divided into three sections covering 14 researched topics centered on a central theme dealing with refugee children and youth.

The contributors to this book have provided comprehensive research and analysis, which provides for a better understanding of refugee issues.

creating-new-futures_2.jpgThe book provides the reader with an opportunity to explore discussions normally found in academic institutions and Think Tanks. It does this by exploring a variety of refugee issues concerning ethical considerations, laws and policies, strategic resettlement plans, psychological and health cases as well as philosophical argument about survival.

I would recommend Creating New Futures:w Settling Children and Youth from Refugee Backgrounds as a standard textbook for university ethics, law, and political science classes or at least a recommended one.

[1] Patrick Dennis (novel), Betty Comden and Adolph Green (Screen play). Auntie Mame, 1958.

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