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Issue 80 - Sept 2017
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The following is a selection of links to articles, papers and other items which may be of interest to readers. 



Lawyers Pants Catch on Fire During Arson Trial

Lawyer for "The Fugitive" disbarred and bankrupt

Computers to Predict Outcome of Litigation?

Effective Pleadings

The Strategic Lawyer



Inaugural Address by new Chairman of the UK Bar

Barbarians at the Gate: Attack on Professionalism



Longest Criminal Trial in UK History



CIA Torture Psychologists Settlement



Girl Who Urged Friend to Kill Himself Guilty of Manslaughter

How the Banks Were Almost Nationalised

This article revisits the efforts by the Federal Government some 70 years ago to nationalise the banks. It will be recalled that its efforts to do so were ultimately ruled against by the Privy Council, before which Sir Garfield Barwick lead for the banks.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Sir Garfield’s passing. Much has been written about him, but the following items are a small reminder about his career and life.

Sir Garfield Barwick - an Obituary

George Winterton's Profile of Barwick - Oxford Companion to the High Court of Australia



Some Thoughts on Causation and Loss of a Valuable Commercial Opportunity by Justice David Jackson, delivered 27 July 2017

Judicial Decision-Making and "Outside" Extra-Legal Knowledge by Justice Peter Applegarth, delivered 27 July 2017

Mea sures to Promote Integrity and Combat Corruption Within the Judiciary by Justice RG Atkinson AO, delivered 14 June 2017

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