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icon_from_ed.jpgWelcome to the (belated) April edition of Hearsay for 2012. This edition has as its theme “Ethics”. Within the edition you will find a range of articles on a variety of ethical issues relevant to barristers. Some of the papers were presented at the Queensland Bar Association Conference in March ... read more

BAQ Annual Conference 2012

Pictures from launch of the Queensland Reconciliation Action Plan
Issue 55: April 2012
Valedictory Ceremony for the Hon Justice Chesterman AO, RFDThe valedictory ceremony for the Honourable Justice Chesterman AO, RF was held on 20 April 2012 in the Banco Court. The address given at the ceremony by the Honourable Chief Justice Paul de Jerse...Read More >> Valedictory Ceremony for the Hon Justice Chesterman AO, RFD
In Brief In Brief  News, views, Practice Directions, events, forthcoming national and international conferences, CPD seminars and more ...     RHSQ Debate: Did Patrick Mayne murder Robert Cox? The...Read More >>
In This Issue
Access to Justice – Problems of Self-RepresentationThe Querulant Litigant The Honourable Justice James Douglas delivered the following paper at the Rule of Law Institute of Australia Conference on 20 April 2012.  Read More >>
Mandated EfficiencyImplications for practice in the civil jurisdiction of some new aspects of the 2011 Barristers’ Rule1   This paper by John Bond S.C. highlights the importance of efficiency as reflected ...Read More >>
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue SeaConflict between the duty to the client and duty to the court The following paper by The Honourable Justice Kenneth Martin, Supreme Court of Western Australia, was presented at the BAQ Annual confere...Read More >>
Ethics in Criminal Trials This article by Peter J Davis S.C. concentrates on issues that arise from the decision of the Court of Appeal in R v Nerbas.1 Read More >>
The Ethics of the Advocate The following speech was delivered by the Honourable Justice Hugh Fraser at the Bar Practice Course Final Address, held in the Banco Court on 17 February 2012. Read More >>
The Ethics of the Advocate Part 2 The following is the continuation of the speech delivered by the Honourable Justice Hugh Fraser at the Bar Practice Course Final Address, held in the Banco Court on 17 February 2012. Read More >>
Oracle Investment ServicesLife Insurance, Total & Permanent Disability, Income Protection, Trauma Cover, Buy & Sell Insurance, Business Protection Insurance  Read More >>
Ethics and Professional Responsibility SeminarThe following is a video recording of the Greens List CPD Seminar, "Ethics and Professional Responsibility," held on 28 July 2011. Read More >>
The Duty to Promote Efficiency: A Contrarian ViewpointThis article by Anthony J H Morris QC examines the nature of the duties set out in the 2011 Barristers' Rule and how these can be balanced  to promote efficiency whilst a...Read More >>
In Defence of the 'Cab-Rank' Rule This article by Dan O'Gorman S.C. considers the arguments for and against the adoption of the "cab-rank" principle, while highlighting its importance to our judicial system. Read More >>
The Law ReportPresented by Damien Carrick, the Law Report on ABC Radio National focuses on breaking legal stories across Australia and overseas, analysing law reform, legal education, test cases, miscarriages of ju...Read More >>
The Wearing of Wigs: Past Time for a Fresh Look This article by James O’Neill questions the practice of wearing wigs given the changes that have occured within various Australian and international jurisdictions. Read More >>
Stuart Bywater FurnitureStuart Bywater Design is widely recognised throughout Queensland and Australia as one of the leading furniture designers and makers in the country.     Read More >>
Barristers' Conduct Rules SummaryThis is a summary of the comparison of new and old Barristers' Conduct Rules prepared by the Bar Association of Queensland. Read More >>
Barristers' Conduct RulesThe Bar Association of Queensland has prepared a comparison between the new Barristers' Conduct Rules and the previous Rules. Read More >>
Fitness FirstExercise Boosts Brainpower and Productivity A recent clinical trial performed by Swinburne University and the Body-Brain Performance Institute showed that investment in a Workplace Vitality progr...Read More >>
CPD EventsThe following is a list of the Bar Association’s upcoming CPD events. Read More >>
ABA JournalThe ABA Journal website provides current legal news on a range of topics including the business of law, careers, law in popular culture, legal ethics, legal technology, litigation, Supreme Court and w...Read More >>
Medico Legal Insurance Group Pty Ltd Income Protection, Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance     Read More >>
SILQ BarristerSILQ Barrister: Australia’s leading software for barristers. SILQ takes care of your business so you can spend more time on your business. Available on both Mac and PC ...Read More >>
Book Review: Estate Planning-A practical guide for estate and financial service professionals Authors: Michael Perkins and Robert Monahan Publisher: Lexisnexis Butterworths Australia Publication date: 2011, 3rd edition Reviewed by: Elizabeth Gass Read More >>
Barcare Bootcamp  CBD FITNESS is the specialist holistic corporate fitness provider for sedentary and time poor executive people within the Brisbane CBD and Metropolitan locations.     The Holist...Read More >>
Book Review: The Power and the GloryAuthor: Graham Greene Publisher: Penguin Classics Reviewed by Stephen KeimRead More >>
Book Review: Ong on Equity Author: Denis SK Ong Publisher: The Federation Press Reviewed by Dan Butler Read More >>
Mercedes-Benz BrisbaneIntroducing the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Programme for Queensland Bar Association members. When you own a Mercedes-Benz, you become a part of a culture of excellence. It’s what defines us ...Read More >>
Book Review: The International Law of Human Rights1st Edition Authors: Adam McBeth, Justine Nolan and Simon Rice Publisher: Oxford University Press Reviewed by Dominic Katter and Safraz Marikar Read More >>
Book Review: Guilt Author: Ferdinand von Schirach Translator: Carol Jane Janeway Publisher: Text Publishing Short Stories: Crime Realism Embargo date: 1 February 2012 Reviewed by Stephen Keim Read More >>
Bank of Queensland Private banking from Brisbane's finest ... Talk to Glenn de Kretser from BOQ Private Bank today!   Read More >>
High Court of Australia Judgment Summary Notes The following summary notes of recent decisions of the High Court of Australia provide a brief overview of each case. For more detailed information, please consult the Reasons for Judgment which may b...Read More >>
Court of Appeal Judgment Summary Notes The following summary notes of recent decisions of the Queensland Court of Appeal have been prepared by Bruce Godfrey, Court of Appeal Research Officer. They provide a brief overview of each case. For...Read More >>
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