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icon_from_ed.jpgWelcome to the Mid-Winter edition of Hearsay. At that time of the year when the nights are longest, we hope the electronic glow from the screen that conveys the words and images of our publication to your eyes and into your minds may also help to keep you warm, if you stay... read more

Law Week 2013

Pictures from launch of the Queensland Reconciliation Action Plan
Issue 62: June 2013
Dinner for Justice Keane The address delivered by the Honourable Patrick Keane, Justice of the High Court of Australia at the dinner held in his honour on 24 April 2013 is reproduced below. Hearsay is grateful to hi...Read More >> Dinner for Justice Keane
Valedictory Ceremony for the Honourable Justice White Valedictory Ceremony for the Honourable Justice White The valedictory ceremony to honour the Honourable Justice White was held in the Banco Court on 3 June 2013. The addresses given by the Honourable Chief Justice de Jersey AC and Roger Traves ...Read More >>
In This Issue
In Brief  News, views, Practice Directions, events, forthcoming national and international conferences, CPD seminars and more ...       Queensland Supreme and District Courts - Email ...Read More >>
Clarity in Reason WritingThe Honourable Justice Alan Wilson presented the following paper at the ‘Decision Making and Writing Reasons’ session of a Legalwise Seminar held on 7 March 2013 Read More >>
Appellate Advocacy in the Family CourtThe Honourable Justice May and the Honourable Justice Ainslie-Wallace of the Appeal Division, Family Court of Australia, presented a CPD session on 3 May 2013 on appellate advocacy. The following is a...Read More >>
Contractual Breach: Consequences and Monetary Remedies Travis Mitchell presented the following paper as part of the Greens List CPD seminar series in Victoria. Read More >>
The Story behind the Land Borders of the Australian States- A Legal and Historical Overview Dr Gerard Carney presented the following paper on 10 April 2013 as part of the High Court Lecture Series.  The introduction appears below  along ...Read More >>
Mercedes BenzIntroducing the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Programme for Queensland Bar Association members. When you own a Mercedes-Benz, you become a part of a culture of excellence. It’s what defines us ...Read More >>
CPD EventsThe following is a list of the Bar Association’s upcoming CPD events. Read More >>
Role of Counsel in Commissions and InquiriesPeter Dunning QC1 presented the following CPD paper on 23 May 2013. Read More >>
The Law ReportPresented by Damien Carrick, the Law Report on ABC Radio National focuses on breaking legal stories across Australia and overseas, analysing law reform, legal education, test cases, miscarriages of ju...Read More >>
The IAP – What it is, why it matters and how to become involved. In the modern world, crime knows no borders and so an international response is needed to maintain the Rule of Law. The International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) unites prosecutors from all over ...Read More >>
New Resource Highlights What Works in Pro Bono Legal Partnerships The National Pro Bono Resource Centre has provided the following information about its new resource, Pro Bono Partnerships and Models: a Practical Guide to What Works.  Read More >>
Lessons from the UKAs John Meredith writes, a number of recent initiatives involving both the judiciary and the Bar in the United Kingdom are noteworthy. The following is a brief outline: Read More >>
ABA JournalThe ABA Journal website provides current legal news on a range of topics including the business of law, careers, law in popular culture, legal ethics, legal technology, litigation, Supreme Court and w...Read More >>
Evidence Based Reasoning in Judicial Decision MakingGetting to why, not what.                    In this paper, Peter Roney QC deals with four problematic areas which regularly co...Read More >>
Responding to Decision ChallengesThe following are notes prepared by Stephen Keim SC for a paper presented at Decision Making and Writing Reasons, a seminar conducted by LegalWise at the Mercure Brisbane on Thursday, 7 Marc...Read More >>
John Mikhail on Battery and Morality"Hitting someone without their consent, spitting at someone, or throwing a ball hard at their head: these are all examples of what in Tort Law is called battery. John Mikhail thinks that  ou...Read More >>
Court of Appeal Judgment Summary NotesThe following summary notes of recent decisions of the Queensland Court of Appeal have been prepared by Bruce Godfrey, Court of Appeal Research Officer. They provide a brief overview of each case. For...Read More >>
High Court of Australia Judgment Summary Notes The following summary notes of recent decisions of the High Court of Australia provide a brief overview of each case. For more detailed information, please consult the Reasons for Judgment which may b...Read More >>
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