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Review of the Protocol for Appointment of Senior Counsel

icon_wig_new.jpgIn the October edition of Hearsay (issue 21), I summarised the process for appointment of Senior Counsel up to the end of the involvement of the Senior Counsel Consultation Group (“SCCG”) ... read more

Queensland Court Houses

Pictures from launch of the Queensland Reconciliation Action Plan
Issue 22: November 2007
New Silks - Congratulations!  New Silks - Congratulations! On 13 November 2007, the following members were appointed as Senior Counsel in and for the State of Queensland: &...Read More >>
Go to the ForumA Draft Amended Criteria for Appointment and a Draft Amended Appointment and Consultation Process have been published wi...Read More >> Go to the Forum
In This Issue
From the President   The appointment of new judges has continued unabated. On 5th October, Justice Logan was sworn in as a Justi...Read More >>
Featured ChambersThis is the first edition of Hearsay to be sponsored by a featured set of chambers. From this edition forward, Hearsay...Read More >>
Swearing-in of the Honourable Justice John LoganOn 5 October 2007, the Honourable Justice John Logan was sworn in as a Judge of the Federal Court of Australia duri...Read More >>
In BriefCurrent affairs, news, Practice Directions, CPD Seminars, conferences and more ... Appointments On 26 September 2007, ...Read More >>
Swearing-in of Koppenol DCJ as a Judge of the District CourtOn 26 September 2007, His Honour Judge  Koppenol was sworn in as a Judge of the District Courts of Queensland ...Read More >>
Five things …In 1999, Hollywood re-imagined The Taming of the Shrew into a surprisingly engaging film called 10 things I Hate About Y...Read More >>
Accepting Benefits Promised to AnotherWhat are the consequences for the recipient of contractual benefits promised to someone else, when the recipient knows o...Read More >>
When Numbers CountIn Woods v Multi-Sport Holdings Pty Ltd, Callinan J adopted, with apparent approval, a statement said to have been attri...Read More >>
Setting Aside Statutory Demands issued by the Commissioner of Taxation - an Update Read More >>
The Art of LawThe art of war is of vital importance to the State.  It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or t...Read More >>
Offers to Settle under the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules and Calderbank Offers Read More >>
Cricket on HighIf one saw the headline “High Court Judge took 4 for 39”, one would expect the report to say: “Y...Read More >>
Norm’s BucketWorth Copying but Worth Protecting? Norm Engineering v Digga Australia 72 IPR 332  On 25 May 2007, in Brisban...Read More >>
Opinion - An Assault Upon Basic Freedoms and Rights I am but a humble barrister, making my way through life following a profession I did not come to until late in life.&nbs...Read More >>
The Prism - the Hon. Douglas Drummond QCThe Honourable Douglas Drummond QC was a Judge of the Federal Court of Australia for more than 11 years before retiring ...Read More >>
High Court of Australia Judgments - Summary NotesThe following summary notes of recent decisions of the High Court of Australia have been prepared by the Public Informat...Read More >>
Court of Appeal Judgments - Summary NotesThe following summary notes of recent decisions of the Queensland Court of Appeal have been prepared by the Associate to...Read More >>
Book ReviewsReviewed in this issue ... Trusts Law in Australia (3rd Ed, 2007, The Federation Press) by Denis Ong ...Read More >>
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