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The New Supreme and District Courts Complex

Pictures from launch of the Queensland Reconciliation Action Plan
Issue 31: November 2008
The Prism - Peter Ambrose SC The Prism - Peter Ambrose SC What is your motto? “I’ll be the first to go”. More a response to a call to arms than a motto perhaps. It is the first line of a song handed down from father to son and which...Read More >>
October Edition - Gremlins at WorkHearsay understands that the broadcast email for the October edition (Issue 30) did not reach a number of members due to server difficulties at the time of transmission. We are grateful to Orlitech ...Read More >> October Edition - Gremlins at Work
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The Need to be Proactive in Pre-RecordingsThere have been numerous successful appeals to the Court of Appeal from decisions of judges of the District Court arising from inadmissible evidence being put before juries. This evidence ought to hav...Read More >>
Some Changes to Loss of Dependency ActionsIn De Sales v Ingrilli (2002) 212 CLR the High Court considered the question of whether damages to be awarded to a surviving spouse in a Lord Campbell’s action should be separately discounted on...Read More >>
Seeking to Persuade - Appellate Advocacy in the Family Court of Australia The following article by Tim North SC is a revised version of a paper delivered in 2007 to the Calabro Consulting Family Law Residential. Read More >>
Assignability of Causes of Action - A Divergence between the Federal and State JurisdictionsIn the absence of any modern and authoritative pronouncement from the High Court as to the assignability of causes of action, particularly causes of action in contract and in tort, there is a divergen...Read More >>
How Caring is Sharing?- The Family Law Amendment (Shared Parental Responsibility Act) Act 2006How Caring is Sharing?1 - The Family Law Amendment (Shared Parental Responsibility Act) Act 2006 I have expressed before, and I will say it again, that one of the regrettable features of society ...Read More >>
PIPA Claims - Withholding Material from Disclosure Before the Compulsory ConferenceEvidence obtained before a compulsory conference that is not to be disclosed must, according to section 30(3) and (4) of the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 (PIPA), be the subject of an order r...Read More >>
The High Court and Wrongful Conception: Reflections on Melchior The question whether a doctor is under a legal duty to take care when treating a patient does not normally raise serious difficulties of principle. The argument in medical cases is more likely to be a...Read More >>
Australia and a Principled Approach to the Death Penalty: On the Way or a Bridge Too Far?T  he Queensland Chapter of the International Commission of Jurists recently invited Mr Michael Walton from the New South Wales Council of Civil Liberties to present a paper on Australia’s inter...Read More >>
Sovereignty Abandoned: An Assault on the Westphalia DoctrineThe following article by Christopher Smithmyer considers the long term implications of the French Foreign Minister’s suggestion of sending offensive humanitarian aid into the cyclone ravaged are...Read More >>
‘Smart Money’ to the Tune of $750,000M any of us have experienced the impact of computers to our respective practices or positions, in short we have seen the evolution of manual, to word processing equipment to the PC unit. The law has s...Read More >>
In Brief - News and Current Affairs     Practice Directions, news, CPD Seminars, conferences and more ...      Read More >>
Palliaer Antiques Antique and fine furniture restoration and conservation Traditional French polishers     Read More >>
Climate Wars - Book ReviewBy Gwynne Dyer1 Publisher: Scribe Publications2 Reviewed by Stephen Keim SC C onservationists and climate scientists, sometimes, face a dilemma. If the urgency of the threat of cl...Read More >>
Unfinished Business: Paul Keating’s Interrupted Revolution - Book Review  By David Love Publisher: Scribe Publications1 Reviewed by Dan O'Gorman SC T his book has nothing to do with law but, rather, is an economic history of Paul Keating&rsqu...Read More >>
Indonesia Law and Society (2nd Ed) - Book ReviewBy Tim Lindsay (Editor)1 Publisher: The Federation Press 2008 Reviewed by Louise Floyd   W hen ‘hip’ American intellectuals talk about the UK, they often ask:  “what i...Read More >>
Schools and the Law - Book ReviewBy Professor Des Butler1 and Dr Ben Mathews2 (QUT) Publisher: The Federation Press 2007 Reviewed by Jann Taylor T he authors have considered it timely to undertake a “schol...Read More >>
The Immigration Kit - Book ReviewBy Suhad Kamand, Rowena Irish, Peter Bollard, Kerry Murphy & Mark Webster Publisher: The Federation Press, Sydney, 8th edition, 20081 Commissioned by the Immigration Advice and Rights Cent...Read More >>
Rules of Evidence in Australia – Text and Cases – 2nd Edition - Book Review By Kenneth J Arenson1 and Mirko Bagaric2 Publisher:  Lexis Nexis/Butterworths Reviewed by Shaun Gordon   Read More >>
Towards the Light - Book ReviewThe Story of the Struggles for Liberty & Rights that made the Modern West   By AC Grayling1 Publisher:  Bloomsbury2, London 2007   Reviewed by Stephen Keim SC ...Read More >>
Young J Edgar: Hoover, the Red Scare, and the Assault on Civil Liberties - Book Review   By Kenneth D Ackerman Publisher: Carroll & Graf 2007 Reviewed by Max Spry  Read More >>
Medico Legal Insurance Group Pty Ltd Income Protection, Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance    Read More >>
Court of Appeal Judgment Summary NotesThe following summary notes of recent decisions of the Queensland Court of Appeal have been  prepared by Bruce Godfrey, Court of Appeal Research Officer. They provide a brief overview of ea...Read More >>
High Court of Australia Judgment Summary NotesThe following summary notes of recent decisions of the High Court of Australia have been prepared by the Public Information Officer, Fiona Hamilton. They provide a brief overview of each case. For mor...Read More >>
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