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From the Editor

icon_from_ed.jpgWelcome to the final edition of Hearsay for 2011. The feature of this December edition is mediation. Mediation has been described for some years now as one of the forms of, if not the dominant form of, alternate dispute resolution. It might be said, having regard to the ... read more

Highlights of 2011

Pictures from launch of the Queensland Reconciliation Action Plan
Issue 53: Dec 2011
From the President - Six Month Report to Members From the President - Six Month Report to MembersBy the time this report is published I will no longer be President of the Association. But the events canvassed herein have occurred on my watch so, with the consent of the President, Roger Traves S.C...Read More >>
Mediation Edition Theme SongWe here at Hearsay are delighted to have, for the first time in the publication’s history, a theme song to accompany our special edition....Read More >> Mediation Edition Theme Song
In This Issue
In Brief - News and Current Affairs   News, views, Practice Directions, events, forthcoming national and international conferences, CPD seminars and more ...       Deborah Russell garden dedication 12 N...Read More >>
Commercial Mediation The following items have been prepared by Andrew Crowe S.C. First, there are the notes which accompanied the paper Andrew recently delivered at the Mediators Conference as well as ...Read More >>
The History of Mediation in QueenslandIn this article David Paratz considers the history behind the adoption of ADR processes in Queensland and its lasting effect on legal practice. Read More >>
Bar Politics 2011Bar Association politics are never dull. November 2011 however will be forever remembered as a truly remarkable time. As one senior barrister who spoke to Hearsay on the promise of anonymity, David Ja...Read More >>
Admissibility of Communications Made in a Queensland Mediation The following article by Jeremy Gordon addresses the confidentiality issues that arise from the conduct of mediations in Queensland. This article is an abridged version of a larger paper featured...Read More >>
Ten Reasons Why Personal Injury Mediations Fail and How to Avoid ThemThis article by Peter Munro identifies ten common reasons why mediations in personal injuries claims do not achieve settlement at the mediation and some mechanisms by which those failures can be ...Read More >>
The Law ReportPresented by Damien Carrick, the Law Report on ABC Radio National focuses on breaking legal stories across Australia and overseas, analysing law reform, legal education, test cases, miscarriages of ju...Read More >>
Mediators Conference 2011As Helene Breen explains, the recent Annual Mediators Conference provided an outstanding weekend of professional development seminars and activities.  Read More >>
From Gladiator to Mediator – Challenges for lawyers who change hatsThe following article by Douglas Murphy S.C. highlights the need for lawyers  to change their perspectives when acting as mediators and develop qualities outside their legal train...Read More >>
Mediation and Confidentiality: Restraining Lawyers from Acting In this article Anand Shah considers two recent cases which both consider whether a lawyer may be prevented from acting in proceedings due to confidentiality issues arising out of a previous...Read More >>
Medico Legal Insurance Group Pty Ltd Income Protection, Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance     Read More >>
CPD EventsThe following is a list of the Bar Association’s upcoming CPD events. Read More >>
Book Review: Criminal Process and Human Rights Authors: Jeremy Gans, Terese Henning, Jill Hunter and Kate Warner Publisher: The Federation Press Reviewed by Julian Wagner Read More >>
Book Review: Lawyers in Australia, 2nd Edition Authors: Ainslie Lamb, LLB, MEd and John Littrich, BA, LLB Publisher: The Federation Press Reviewed by Alexis N. Gage Read More >>
Mercedes-Benz BrisbaneIntroducing the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Programme for Queensland Bar Association members. When you own a Mercedes-Benz, you become a part of a culture of excellence. It’s what defines us ...Read More >>
Bank of Queensland Private banking from Brisbane's finest ... Talk to Glenn de Kretser from BOQ Private Bank today!    Read More >>
Book Review: An Almost Forgotton World(Jim Thomas’ Memoir)   By James Burrows Thomas 2011 Supreme Court of Queensland Library Reviewed by James Crowley QC Read More >>
Barcare Bootcamp  CBD FITNESS is the specialist holistic corporate fitness provider for sedentary and time poor executive people within the Brisbane CBD and Metropolitan locations.     The Holist...Read More >>
SILQ BarristerSILQ Barrister: Australia’s leading software for barristers. SILQ takes care of your business so you can spend more time on your business. Available on both Mac and PC ...Read More >>
Oracle Investment ServicesLife Insurance, Total & Permanent Disability, Income Protection, Trauma Cover, Buy & Sell Insurance, Business Protection Insurance  Read More >>
Fitness FirstExercise Boosts Brainpower and Productivity A recent clinical trial performed by Swinburne University and the Body-Brain Performance Institute showed that investment in a Workplace Vitality progr...Read More >>
High Court of Australia Judgment Summary Notes The following summary notes of recent decisions of the High Court of Australia provide a brief overview of each case. For more detailed information, please consult the Reasons for Judgment which may b...Read More >>
Court of Appeal Judgment Summary Notes The following summary notes of recent decisions of the Queensland Court of Appeal have been prepared by Bruce Godfrey, Court of Appeal Research Officer. They provide a brief overview of each case. For...Read More >>
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