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Issue 18: June 2007
Valedictory Ceremony - Magistrate Gordon Dean Print E-mail

intro_gordonGilbert and Sullivan provided the inspiration for the President's address at the Valedictory Ceremony for His Honour Magistrate Gordon Dean on 25 May 2007. An audio recording of the address is keenly sought by Hearsay for publication in the next edition!

May it please the Court.

When you were a lad you served a term
as office boy in the family’s legal firm.
You cleaned the windows and you swept the floor,
and you polished up the handle on the big front door.
You polished up that handle so carefully,
that you ended up a member of the Magist’rcy.

As office boy you made such a mark
that they gave you a post as an articled clerk.
From clerk to lawyer was a doddle and a pip,
so they took you into the partnership.
Your solicitor’s practice led ineluctibly
From Townsville through to Brisbane, then the Magist’rcy.

This lawyer round town had a civic bent,
so they sent him off into Parliament.
Two terms you served from North – as far
as a civilized person gets from Canberra.
Your service of good folk in democracy
was a challenging precursor to the Magist’rcy.

mikadoYour dramatic streak was for all on show
In the theatre – even G and S’s Mi-ka-do.
Your enjoyment of good music and harmoniousness
means your voice has long been heard on the wireless.
Despite this, it was settled by the then A-G
That you’d do well to give service in the Magist’rcy

As a beak you’ve sat in bush and town. 
You’ve been firm and you’ve been fair, and you haven’t let us down.
The Bar says thanks for a job well done
It’s a pleasure to confirm to you that you have won
The respect that’s due - it’s earned not free, -
to a well-beloved member of the Magist’rcy.

Congratulations and best wishes in your retirement.

May it please the Court.

Martin Daubney S.C.

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