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Issue 18: June 2007
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commonroom.jpgThe Common Room is a place where news and views from the regional Bars as well as other segments of the Bar may be found. In this issue, Chris Crawford provides the latest news from the Junior Bar. Contributions from other segments and regions of the Queensland Bar would be appreciated for future editions of Hearsay.

The Junior Bar

Welcome again to the Junior Bar Report.

 As you may recall, Queensland barristers of not more than five years standing were recently invited to participate in a web survey in relation to pupillage. 

I am delighted to report that around 75% of the Junior Bar responded, which is a fantastic proportion.  Of those that responded, well over half provided further comments in the space provided at the end of the survey.  Indeed, there are 11 pages of comments in total and every single comment is thought-provoking in some way. The responses are currently being broken down into bar and pie charts and will be ready for presentation in next month’s edition of Hearsay.  I am sure that they will prove to be of great interest not only to the Junior Bar but to the Bar as a whole.

As part of my role on the Bar Council, I was recently asked to deliver a short presentation during Law Week about going to the Bar. It was very well well-attended and the audience had a number of questions and seemed genuinely interested about a career at the Bar.  Having said that, one or two people did get “off-topic” and asked how barristers could live with themselves defending criminals everyday.  I tried my best to highlight the respective roles of the DPP and defence counsel (and the fact that I don’t seem to get a lot of criminal briefs) but the experience underscored for me that the general public still have many misconceptions about the legal profession.  Law Week serves a very useful purpose and it is I think important to remember that our legal system is, in reality, underpinned only by the faith that the general community has in it.  Events such as Law Week are a real opportunity for the Bar to explain exactly what it is that we do and to encourage the community to “keep the faith”.  For that reason, I hope that the Bar Association maintains and strengthens its commitment to Law Week.

If anyone has any topics or issues they would like me to raise in this column then I encourage them to use the Forum or to contact me on crawford@qldbar.asn.au

Chris Crawford


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